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Literary Analysis Of The Hobbit - 941 Words

Literary Analysis of The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit living in the Shire having a peaceful quiet life in his hobbit hole. One day after living a life of leisure and pleasure he is awakened by a rude knock on his door. In a matter of a few hours he will meet the people that changed his life for good. The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien is a story about a hobbit and his adventure. His adventure starts with a knock on his door by his old Friend Gandalf. Gandalf then promptly asks Bilbo†I am looking for someone to share in an adventure†(tolkien). Bilbo then denies Gandalf and continuous with his usual day until that night. When Bilbo is about to eat his dinner he gets a knock. He opens it to find two dwarves Dwalin and Balin. Bilbo s shocked but invites them in. Bilbo does this eval times until he s left with thirteen dwarves Dwalin, Balin, Kili, Fili, Dori, Ori, Nori, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and Thorin Oakenshield. They then invite him on a quest that would change his life . During his quest he faces many evils and overcomes them all to become a hero. In The Hobbit Bilbo and his dwarf friends come across conflict many times. The first conflict in the story is character vs. self, which happens within the first chapter of the book when the dwarfs invite Bilbo to join them on their journey as their burglar. When this happens he grapples with himself on whether to go on the journey and be like the Took side of the family, or take after his Dad and live a quiet peaceful lifeShow MoreRelatedEssay about J.R.R. Tolkiens The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings2310 Words   |  10 PagesThe Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings have been beloved works among many generations of readers since they were first published. The author of these two books, J.R.R. Tolkien is just as interesting a man as many of the characters he created in the world of Middle-Earth. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born in Africa to a banker manager and his wife in 1892 and had only one sibling, Hilary, who was less than two years younger (Wikipedia). When he was young both o f his parents died (one from rheumaticRead MoreEvil Within the World, Depicted in J.R.R. Tolkiens The Hobbit3273 Words   |  14 Pageslook to a piece of literature often seen in the light of innocence: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. Within this piece we see the pure untainted character of Bilbo thrust into a world of adventure, danger, greed, corruption, and most of all, evil. Through his adventures he emerges a character quite unlike the Bilbo we were first introduced to. In a setting so contaminated by the evils of the world, how could an innocent little hobbit actually emerge as a character that has truly progressed for the betterRead MoreSummer Reading2774 Words   |  12 PagesDialectical response journals for each book (rubric attached). ïÆ'Ëœ Exams on the assigned novels within the first days of school. ïÆ'Ëœ In class essay questions on each of the novels. 9th Grade Regulars and Honors - Reading Assignment: 1. Fiction novel: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein *12 Dialectical Journal Entries 2. Nonfiction: A Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins *12 Dialectical Journal Entries 10th Grade Regular and Honors - Reading Assignment: 1. Fiction novel: Matched by Ally Condie *12 DialecticalRead More Censorship in the Classroom Essay2774 Words   |  12 Pagescould get my hands on. I cried through three readings of Katherine Patersons Bridge to Terribithia and scared myself with every Stephen King novel I could finish. In junior high and high school, we were taught Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, The Hobbit and Sounder, and My Brother Sam Is Dead, along with the classics. None of these books ruined my innocence. When I was date-raped the summer I was sixteen -- that ruined my innocence. Since then, I read that Maya Angelous novel I Know Why theRead MoreLiterary Criticism : The Free Encyclopedia 7351 Words   |  30 Pages Bildungsroman From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search In literary criticism, a Bildungsroman (German pronunciation: [ˈbÉ ªldÊŠÅ‹s.Ê oËÅ'maË n]; German: novel of formation, education, culture),[a] novel of formation, novel of education,[2] or coming-of-age story (though it may also be known as a subset of the coming-of-age story) is a literary genre that focuses on the psychological and moral growth of the protagonist from youth to adulthood (coming of age),[3]Read MoreEnglish Proverbs3961 Words   |  16 Pagesauthors have used proverbs in their novels, also film makers. Probably the most famous user of proverbs in novels is J. R. R. Tolkien in his The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series. These two books are notable for not only using proverbs as integral to the development of the characters and the story line, but also for creating proverbs. Among medieval literary texts, Geoffrey Chaucers Troilus and Criseyde plays a special role because Chaucers usage seems to challenge the truth value of proverbs by

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The Global War to the Great Depression - 627 Words

A horrific global war led to an equally heinous economic recession, triggering global fear and lack of guidance. World leaders stood to the challenge of mending the shattered 100 year peace and economy in Europe. America, it seemed, desired no part in this scramble for order, turning its back to the international world. Through the Great War to the Great Depression, the transforming world not only caused America to withdraw from the world, but also allowed Franklin Delano Roosevelt an opportunity to refine all aspects of American standards and life. Despite only a brief participation in the Great War, a diplomatically satiated America swiftly closed its doors to the international world. However, this was not without good reason; according to Alan Brinkley, â€Å"the United States government had appropriated $32 billion for expenses directly relating to the conflict† (621). At over 90% of the national gross domestic product at the time, war expenses were an uncomfortable cost t o American leaders who, in addition to the post WWI recession where millions lost their jobs, decided America needed a break internationally (Brinkley 621-632). Not only did America refuse to ratify the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations, they disarmed military forces, severely limited immigration, and â€Å"passed one of the highest tariffs in United States history† (Kennedy). As a result, the prosperous â€Å"roaring twenties† involved not only economic growth and consumerism but also massive culturalShow MoreRelatedThe Global Effects of Imperialism, World War I and the Great Depression1424 Words   |  6 PagesThe Global Effects of Imperialism, World War I and the Great Depression Bentley first talked about cross-cultural interactions as a way to categorize the World’s history. He in addition wrote aboutRead MoreEvents Between 1870-19451419 Words   |  6 Pagesaddition wrote about the importance of understanding events from a global perspective, not just one country’s point of view. Because of these two fundamental elements to his argument, we can assess events differently than before hand, finding out ways to take a step back and look at actions as they affect multiple nations simultaneously. Of these international events from 1870-1945, the Age of Imperialism, World War I, and the Great Depression had worldwide impacts on economic and social issues. ImperialismRead MoreThe Cold War And The International Political Economy1076 Words   |  5 Pages The Cold War and The International Political Economy in the 1970s The article that is going to be reflected in the following paragraphs attempts to describe the connection between the Cold War and the transfigurations of the political economy throughout that time period. In doing so, the article, â€Å"The Cold War and The International Political Economy in the 1970s†, examines various forms of scholarly literature on the topic. Often times, the Cold War and international political economy are disconnectedRead MoreGlobal Effects Of The Great Depression Essay1099 Words   |  5 PagesGrace Young Dr. John R. Dabrowski American History II, AMH-2020-H01 7 December 2016 Global Effects of the Great Depression When the American stock market crashed on the infamous Black Tuesday in October 1929, the resulting circumstances were felt worldwide. This crisis resulted in a devastating economic collapse. The ensuing Great Depression was in fact a global event. The world was not immediately engulfed by this wave of economic decline. The timing of economic events varied greatly among nationsRead MoreCauses and Effects of The Great Depression in the United States1238 Words   |  5 PagesThe Great Depression is a defining moment in time for not only American, but world history. This was a time that caused political, economical, and social unrest. Not only did the Great Depression cause a world wide panic, it also caused a world wide crisis unlike any before it. This paper will analyze both the causes and the effects of the Great Depression in the United States of America. One cause of the depression is the effects of World War One. World War one had many devastating effects onRead MoreThe Crisis Of The 1929 Stock Market Crash1378 Words   |  6 PagesIn July 2007, the United States were kicked off by the subprime mortgage crisis, emphasized by the banking and financial crisis of 2008. The global economic crisis called the Great Recession followed in 2008. It has been famously regarded as preventable by the memory of the Great Depression in the late twenties. The stock market crash of â€Å"Black Thursday† on the 24th of October 1929 marked the end of the â€Å"Roaring Twenties†, temporary period of prosperity and endless hope in the United States. ButRead MoreResearch Paper: Roaring Twenties1537 Words   |  7 PagesAfter World War 1, America had to demobilize and revert back to a peace time economy. During the 1920’s, it was viewed as a prosperous economy since there was a new labor force due to demobilization, new inventions, and a new infrastructure. Also moral spirits were high since America along with the Allied Powers defeated Germany and the Great War was finally over. However, America began making many economic policies and decisions that will eventually lead up to the Great Depression. One economicRead MoreIsolationism vs. International Cooperation Essay944 Words   |  4 PagesFaire and a lack of global perspective. On the other hand you have international cooperation and what has been termed â€Å"war economies†. The failure of one seems to have cultivated the other as a response. Ultra nationalism, racial imperialism and antisocialism brought about great atrocities and failures both politically and morally. In response we have, not once, but twice, seen the rise of international cooperation to counter Nationalistic expansion. The contrast of a war economy versus an absoluteRead MoreA Brief Note On Pre World War II1258 Words   |  6 PagesThe social, economic, and political landscapes of the pre-World War II United States, from 1931 to 1939, were substandard compared to their post-World War II counterparts. Pre-World War II United States is characterized by the worst economic crisis in the nation’s history. The Great Depression(1929-1939) w as a global phenomenon that was associated with the American stock market crash in 1929. The economic downturn resulted in high unemployment rates(25%), reduced wages, high interest rates, and highRead MoreThe Economics Of The Great Depression1638 Words   |  7 PagesEconomics of the Great Depression Tyler Brooks 4/19/2015 The great Depression was the worst and longest economic decline experienced by the industrialized western world. Economic cycles are continuous loops of periods of business expansion followed by business contraction. This is the way economics has always been in the industrialized world and extended periods of contraction was something people had seen before. However, the Great Depression was something people

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Death Chinese during the Commemorate â€Free Samples for Students

Question: Why Chinese during the Ming Dynasty Commemorated Death in the Monumental Expression of Their Tomb? Answer: Introduction Feudalism and Confucianism has significant snared affect on out of date Chinese people for quite a while. In that system, it is all things considered depended on that with age comes sagacity and status. As junior periods or lessening guidelines, respect and cabin ought to constantly be recalled and obedient commitment ended up noticeably mulled over to be the most extreme critical of all balances in China. These sort of tips had been done sooner than life notwithstanding after death. Chinese commemoration benefit lifestyle progressed as the occurrences required, which ruled specific principle to unite tomb and surrender the passing[1]. In view of unyieldingly various leveled dedication bearer culture, renowned mausoleum were the most addressed plan of commending death toll, a huge number of tombs had been filled in as the house for dead and conciliatory stone for in respect to like, and head tombs address an especially important photograph to passed. This composition will take Thirte en Tombs of the Ming Dynasty especially Chang Tomb, Ding Tomb and Zhao Tomb as case to clarify Chinese internment and recognition way of life by demonstrating spatial foundations with the Forbidden City and the Altar of Heaven[2]. History Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty were a huge storing up of tombs of the sovereigns of Ming Dynasty. Be that as it may, the essential head of Ming Dynasty ended up plainly incorporated into Nanjing and couple of rulers in the midst of the disunity times, most of the sovereigns took after YongLo ruler and secured round there of genealogical grave. YongLo sovereign, the 1/3 leader of the Ming Dynasty, moved the money to Beijing and requested that specialists make the Forbidden City as supreme staying course of action and discover a "region in which there is fortune" as great internment floor. The choices of territory of the Forbidden City and Tombs had been totally in gentle of the geomantic hypothesis, which furthermore known as Feng-Shui theory. Out of date sovereigns depended on that unique possess the fine position for both presence and demise, can make the country prosperous[3]. The Forbidden City transformed into understood 1406 and Chang Tomb, the essential tomb of Thirteen Tom bs of Ming Dynasty, was characteristic 1409. At the beginning of the primitive society, while individuals outperformed on, they had been pretty of late ensured self-assertively, and a couple have been even discarded without securing. With the progression of human subculture and the nearness of religious superstition, respecting destruction inside the unprecedented explanation in their tombs had frequently framed directly into an essential issue. Internment way of life in old China has a broadened history and impressive substance, exceptionally the sovereign tombs[4]. As the head had the unique budgetary prosperity, and vintage individuals praised significantly of the patriarchal Confucianism, looked for after grave criminal affirmation and solid, concentrated on "Fengshui", these variables made the change size of rulers' tombs so eminent and astounding. Along these follows, the old ruler's tombs are the most extreme amazing kind of burial custom, and in addition a total reflected pi cture the political system, custom, design, workmanship and whatnot[5]. The scratch skilled latex grave transformed into used to cover the dormant. The Ming line is a basic administration in late old in China, its head mausoleum structure fill in as an association among past and future examining here is of awesome significance to study China's outdated tomb system. This paper will take the Ding Ling (tomb of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty) for instance to clear up how the Chinese in the midst of the Ming way of life perceived death in the awesome explanation of the tombs inside the city and trademark settings of Beijing. Other than that the paper will in like manner make specific references to their spatial establishments with the Forbidden City and the Altar of Heaven[6]. Monumental expressions of Ming tombs in Beijing The Forbidden City in Beijing turns into the working and abiding spot of the supreme family units of Ming and Qing lines. It is an extent of illustrious habitation clusters establishment in light of the fact that 1407 to 1420. According to the ordinary Chinese Fengshui, using precious stone seeing to detach the appearance of the earth, Beijing is pretty nowadays arranged in the top east that is the projection of the North Star on the planet[7]. The Forbidden City is each the concentration of the earth in geology and space innovation, the Taihe Palace essentially in light of the central rotate even transforms into the middest of the division such has the world's most extreme perceived position. The across the board building relationship of the best imperial living arrangement is symmetric. Each building spreads to the central center point from south to north. The hugest Taihe Palace is at the particularly acknowledgment, then exchange mansions open up from the south toward the north n earby the north-south turn[8]. The Altar of Heaven is arranged at the southeast of the Forbidden City and spreads a significant number 273 hectares. The Altar of Heaven is situated in the southeast of Beijing outside city, the south of the marvelous illustrious house and the east feature out of ZhengYangMen. It progress toward becoming establishment considering 1420 and will turn into the custom area for the obsolete Chinese leaders of the Ming and Qing organizations. It has made a run of the mill association with fortify the Confucius' social dynamic framework structure. The haven building configuration takes after[9]. The consecrated district dividers are parceled into the internal and outside part. The outer Altar divider has a blend time of 6416 meters; in the meantime as the inside divider has a length of 3292 meters. The exceptionally southern divider takes after a square which is a picture of the earth. The fairly northern divider takes after a semi-circle, which symbolizes the sky. The northern part is bet ter while the southern component is abatement that addresses the higher sky and reduction earth, and correspondingly the orbicular sky and square earth. The main structures of the asylum fixate on the northern and southern aspects of the central center, related by methods for the wide Danbi Bridge in the middle[10]. From south to north, there are Huanqiu Arch, Huangqiong Altar, Qinian Palace and whatnot. Other than that, there are in addition some particular frameworks and spots, as an example, the Imperial Kitchen, Slaughter Pavilion and the Hall of Abstinence. The all the more piece of the frameworks was extremely a horrendous parcel said with neighborly shading and impelled improvement strateg[11]. Progression and advancement of the tomb Progression and advancement of the tomb structure inside the Ming lifestyle had been influenced tons by methods for some typical thoughts, for instance, "Agreeing to the begetter system" and "Showing after lapsed ruler". The "Five rooms "design of the Ding Ling Tomb is a statement of the scratchable latex mold, in some other case alluded to as the mining discipline form, that is at present coincidental with the spatial arrangement of models inside the Forbidden City and the Altar of Heaven (Meyer-Fong, Tobie). In extraordinary, the front, center and back chamber remain in the middle, which can be of an unclear part from the Qingqing Palace, Jiaotai Palace and Kunning Palace inside the Forbidden City. The left and legitimate room shape a symmetrical dispersal with the guide of the inside chamber, which similarly have a vague format from the six jap and western illustrious living arrangements found neighboring the Jiaotai Palace. The component of Ding Ling Tomb is completely the focal point of Chinese old internment transporter system, which is the encapsulation of the Confucian idea" Death is an extraordinary arrangement like the conveyance". What's additional, as with regards to the written work insights, for instance, The Memoir of Ming Dynasty, the Xuan Palace structure turn out to be in like manner composed, arranged and developed through the building format of the Forbidden City where the Ming line sovereigns lived sooner than death toll[12]. The typical cases are the Chang Ling Tomb and Yong Ling Tomb. Under the speculation of "Fengshui", the underground frameworks of the Ming Tombs in Beijing incorporate a comparative stronghold simply like the proprietor lived alive. While the over the floor structures organize with the encompassing scene faultlessly, which reflect the ordinary Chinese cosmology of "orbicular sky and rectangular earth", unquestionably like the format of the Altar of Heaven. In this way, the "Fengshui " of the Ming Tombs in Beijing and th e position of the tombs are pretty right now the impact of the Forbidden City and the Altar of Heaven[13]. The scratchable latex load and underground Xuan Palace furnished with 5 headings' circumstance design have an unbelievably full-measure certain and social cause. In the event that drawing the styles of the five heading onto the paper and zone them inside the cross section, it will be watched that they constitute an occurrence of the out of date scratchable latex. The implied scratchable latex example is made from square systems with one by one 3 vertical and level follows. As in front of motivation as the slave society of Zhou organization thousand years bring down back, it had starting at now form into a sort of hallowed arrangement among people. The books of pre-Qin Dynasty have an extent of scratch able latex outline cases of stargazing and geology. One of the generally known works of art sooner than Qin Dynasty even magnified the occasion and gave it a specific numerical and philosophical significance. Along those follows the structure has been immovably associated with the walki ng typicality of universe, which incorporates change oversee of elements of the vintage individuals in China. The chart of the scratch able latex has been regularly used as a major aspect of out of date China and its miles by the by exceptionally hidden. So it's far unavoidable that the Ming line rulers who withstood Confucianism put it to the most imperative notoriety and used it as the correct format of the indispensable outline orchestrating together with the incomparable chteau, majestic cabin and even the tombs[14]. The Ming Dynasty wind up plainly set up by Zhu Yuanzhang, who made Nanjing his capital, underneath the rule distinguishes of Hong Wu. He progressed toward becoming at the illustrious position for thirty-one years and changed into incorporated into Xiaoling in Nanjing after his passing. The second sovereign progress toward becoming Zhu Yunwen, Zhu Yuanzhang's grandson, whose run name changed into Jian Wen in the midst of the four years he moved toward becoming on the position of sovereignty. Zhu Yunwen's uncle, Zhu Di, the Prince of Yan, who progressed toward becoming in Beijing round then, despatched troops southward to grab the situation of specialist for himself. Taking after a skirmish of lovely an extended in the meantime as, Zhu 135 at long extreme had the Ming capital of Nanjing and propelled nearer to transforming into ruler. As Zhu Di concerned Nanjing, the imperial house ended up noticeably consuming and Emperor Jian Wen vanished without conformation. Some say he gobbled up himself, others say he was a minister. Still, no one knows about. After Emperor Cheng Zu rose to the situation of expert in Nanjing, he altered his control name to Yong Le. Staying in Beijing for quite a while, he had demonstrated Emperor Zhu Di the key, military centrality of what is directly China's capital dh7. In the fourth yr of the Yong Le lead (1406), one million workers were sent to begin building wanders in Beijing. In the fifth year of the Yongle govern, Empress Xu passed on to the immense past. Since Emperor Zhu Di did no longer arrangement to build a tomb in Nanjing, he sent Zhao Yu, an over the top authority, Liao Junqing, a seer, and other individuals north to choose promising regions for dazzling burial ground[15]. In the seventh 12 months of the Yong Le administer (1409), the graveyard had been chosen. Ruler Zhu Di, in running with the guide of the region himself, found an unbelievable zone with amazing soil and ringed by utilizing inclines. Zhu Di, thrilled that his soothsayers found the side effects for this range top notch, asked for 40 rectangular kilometers around there committed to the necropolis. The zone picked as a positive site for the illustrious memorial park wind up noticeably lovable of view, and in addition in a fabulous capacity from an armed force perspective as the mountains gave a capacity wellbeing to the assortment, and moreover for the capital. Changling, worked by means of Emperor Zhu Di on the foot of Tianshou Mountain inside the northern bit of blessing Changping County, transformed into the guideline perfect tomb here. Logical examination Ding Ling Tomb Logical examination Ding Ling Tomb, the underground catacomb of Emperor Wan Li the Ming Tombs is around 50 kilometers some separation from Beijing, which can be the tombs of 13 Ming line heads inside the wake of moving the capital. Ten trademark pinnacles were worked with armed force fortifications, for instance, dividers. The Ming Tombs has a blend domain of more than 80 square kilometers. Yanshan Mountains stretch out from the northwest and casing a trademark bind around the tombs. Enveloped by method for mountains, the water inside the little bowls made by means of the surges streams to the central fields joint effort, and after that moves in the direction of the east. Under the unpracticed shade of the woodlands, an extent of incredible tomb designing with pink dividers and radiant housetops, arranged on the foothills of the east, west and north. Till now the Ming has a legacy set apart by method for over 500 years, yet they're exceptionally a great deal put away. In 1992, the Mi ng Tombs changed into allowed as "The top notch held head tomb social affairs" by methods for Beijing Tourism leading group of trustees. In 2003, it ends up plainly recorded as the "World Cultural Heritage "by UNESCO. The Ding Ling Tomb is the main an unmarried of the thirteen sovereign tombs which opened to general society, and the fundamental ruler tomb uncovered by methods for Chinese pros (Davis, Timothy M)[16]. The Ding Ling Tomb is the tomb of the Emperor Wanli of the lat Ming line. It wound up plainly toiled because of the way that 1584 and completed the process of taking after six years. Following thirty years Emperor Wanli and his ruler had been continuously covered into the underground heap of Ding Ling Tomb. The Xuan Palace of Ding Ling Tomb is the inside a couple bit of the tomb structures and its miles in addition the position of pressing holders. References Seiwert, Hubert. "Ancestor Worship and State Rituals in Contemporary China: Fading Boundaries between Religious and Secular."Zeitschrift fr Religionswissenschaft24, no. 2 (2016): 127-152. Ching, Dora CY. "The Language of Portraiture in China."A Companion to Chinese Art(2015): 136. Yang, Xiaoneng. "Art and Early Chinese Archaeological Materials."A Companion to Chinese Art(2015): 91. Shepherd, Robert. "Civilization-Making and Its Discontents: The Venice Charter and Heritage Policies in Contemporary China."Change Over Time4, no. 2 (2014): 388-403. Hou, Renzhi. "From Beijing to WashingtonA Contemplation in the Concept of Municipal Planning." InSymposium on Chinese Historical Geography, pp. 61-82. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2015. Leach, Andrew. "Architecture, imperial."The Encyclopedia of Empire(2016). Lee, Lily Xiao Hong, and Sue Wiles.Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women, Volume II: Tang Through Ming 618-1644. Routledge, 2015. McNeal, Robin. "Moral Transformation and Local Identity: Reviving the Culture of Shun at Temples and Monuments across China."Modern China41, no. 4 (2015): 436-464. Wang, Fang.Geo-Architecture and Landscape in Chinas Geographic and Historic Context: Volume 2 Geo-Architecture Inhabiting the Universe. Springer, 2016. Meyer-Fong, Tobie. "Civil Engineering , Revolutionary Heritage, and the Chinese Garden."Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review4, no. 1 (2015): 309-332. Zhang, Yingchun, and Zongjie Wu. "The reproduction of heritage in a Chinese village: whose heritage, whose pasts?."International Journal of Heritage Studies22, no. 3 (2016): 228-241. Meyer-Fong, Tobie. "Where the War Ended: Violence, Community, and Commemoration in Chinas Nineteenth-Century Civil War."The American Historical Review120, no. 5 (2015): 1724-1738. Fung, Anissa. "Condensation of ritual symbolism and visual culture: From Chinese liqi to contemporary art expressions." InCreative Arts in Education and Culture, pp. 221-241. Springer Netherlands, 2013. Wright, Anne Margaret, and Anita Croy.Art and Architecture. Routledge, 2016. CHEN, SANPING, and VICTOR H. MAIR. "A Black Cult in Early Medieval China: Iranian-Zoroastrian Influence in the Northern Dynasties."Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society27, no. 2 (2017): 201-224. Castro, Amanda. "Reclaiming Tiananmen: The Politics of Space within Tiananmen Square, 1989."HISTORY IN THE MAKING(2016): 63. Davis, Timothy M.Entombed Epigraphy and Commemorative Culture in Early Medieval China: A Brief History of Early Muzhiming. Brill, 2015.

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Airframe Systems free essay sample

State three purposes of pneumatic supply system for a typical piston engine powered light aircraft, and give the functions of the piston engine air compressor and receiver, within the system. An aircraft powered by a piston engine usually tends to have a pneumatic air supply system. This allows the function of different systems on the aircraft that are essential to the flight of the aircraft. In a newer system the supply system will provide a vacuum of air for the gyro’s, so that the de icing boots on the leading edge of the wings can inflate, for example, the boots on the jet stream wings inflate. The vacuum sometimes provides for some of the flight controls. An example of these flight controls would be the auto pilot system. The piston powered aircraft tend to consist of a receiver and a compressor. The compressor collects the air from the intake of the engine, creating a high volume of compressed air and storing it, acting like a storage tank. We will write a custom essay sample on Airframe Systems or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The receiver is there to make sure that the volume of air is consistent and smooth, else parts may move with too much force and damage themselves. In modern day aircraft, the only pneumatic system used is there to drive the autopilot system and the gyros. P2 – describe how air is supplied to the cabin pressurization system pre-cooler, for a typical passenger aircraft that’s powered by gas turbine engines, include in your answer where the air supply is taken off the engine The cabin pressurization system is designed to keep the pressurization of the inside of the aircraft to a higher level than outside the aircraft, this is done by taking air from the ram stage of the gas turbine. This air is then supplied to the heat exchanger at minimum pressure. When the aircraft is in flight, the air is bled from the low pressure stage of the compressor, this supplies air to the aircrafts pneumatic systems. But when the aircraft is on the ground at a standstill, there is no pressurization in the gas turbine. The high pressure stage of the compressor is manually operated on the ground when the engine is idling. A regulating valve is used to regulate the pressure of the bleed air when it has been taken from the pressurization stage of the engine. he air is then passed through a heat exchanger and dehumidified. The hot air is cooled and the heat exchanger is fed by cool air directly from the early compression stage of the engine. P3-with aid of diagrams describe the purpose of the aircraft cabin pressurisation systems, for a typical pressurized airframe. In your answer state the function of the following system features : I. Ram air ii. bleed air iii. the air cycle unit and the humidifier(water extractor) On passenger aircraft, a control system is there to monitor and control the temperatures of the cabin area. The cabin conditioning and the pressurization system would be -56Â °c and would be impossible for passengers to survive the lack of pressure and breathe, as the aircraft flies at a very high altitude. The control system is there to control the cabins temperature and maintain the cabins pressure. The control system has 2 related systems, one of them is for the temperature control and the other is for pressurization. Both of these use the engine bleed air. The hot pressurized air passes through the heat exchanger. This cools down the air as it passes through, reducing the air to the desired temperature. When the hot pressurized air enters the air conditioning pack, it passes through a valve that controls the air pressure before passing through the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is there to dissipate the heat as the air passes through them, they are positioned inside the ram air ducts, sometime on the underbelly of the aircraft. The ACU’s role is to cool hot bleed air. The system works similar to a refrigerator except there is no condensation or evaporation of a refrigerant involved. The unit consists of a small air expansion turbine and a compressor, connected by shaft. The system takes the hot air and rapidly decreases its temperature by converting that heat into kinetic energy. The water then condenses as it passes through the turbine and out of the exhaust. Then passes into the water extractor. The extractors job is to remove all the moisture out of the air in the system, ice may form as the the air tends to come out of the turbine at 0c, so a sensor checks the temperature to make sure that ice cannot form. If it becomes too cold, hot air can be directed from the bleed air system through a valve. M1 – The air supplied to the pneumatic systems of gas turbine powered aircraft, and piston engine powered aircraft, is different. Explain how the pneumatic supply systems differ for the two different aircraft types. Your answers must relate to typical pressurised passenger or cargo aircraft systems. The pneumatic systems on gas turbine powered aircraft are different from those that are on aircraft that are powered by piston engines. Larger aircraft depend more on pneumatic systems due to their increased flying altitude and need a form of environmental control system. For example, air conditioning. The air conditioning system provides a more suitable living atmosphere pressure inside the cabin, by supplying oxygenated air to breathe. The bleed air helps to pressurise the airframe of the aircraft at a high altitude. Because the piston engine powered aircraft don’t tend to fly at a high altitude, there is no need for a large pneumatic supply system to power the climate control. This is how the two types differ from each other. On gas turbine powered aircraft, there is an environmental control system that pressurises the airframe and supplies the cabin with a decent air temperature and oxygen level. The systems that run on large aircraft consist of pressurisation of the fuel tanks, de icing of the wings and engine, pressurisation of the fuel tanks, the hydraulic oil. The pressurisation from the APU is also capable of starting the turbine engines of the aircraft. A continuous flow of air is constantly bled from different stages of the compressor and fed into power certain systems, the stages may change due to the air density at clime and the rpm of the engine. The hot air coming from the exhaust stage of the engine can exceed temperatures of 250Â °c, so the air needs to be cooled before it can pass through certain parts of the aircraft. The gas turbine pneumatic system consists of 2-3 bleed ports, the air is normally taken from the low pressure stage, the intermediate pressure stage and the high pressure stage of the engines compressor. The system also has shutoff valves so that the air can be stopped from the compressor. A non return flow valve stops high pressure air getting into the low pressure bleed port. The bleed air is then taken through a heat exchanger , this is cooled using the ram air taken from the front section of the engine. Because of high pressure there is also a flow regulator that controls the flow of air through the system. The air passes through another check valve to prevent the air from being fed back into the system. The air then passes through a pressure regulating valve and then into the consumption systems. Piston engine powered aircraft use a different air supply because there is less need for pneumatic air to run into the different systems. The air is bled from each engines compressor, then it is moisture separator, then it is fed through a non return valve. The air isn’t at a high pressure like from the gas turning engine. his means that there is less a need to have things such as pressure regulating valves, ran air cooling and various bleed ports in the systems. The air is fed through filters, and then fed into the receivers. There are usually three storage bottles with a twin piston engine, the brake bottle, the emergency bottle and the primary bottle. The air gets taken from the primary bottle, then through a filter. The filtered air then goes into consumption systems such as passenger doors. M2 – Explain how on a pressurized airframe the environmental control system is monitored, and controlled, from the crew compartment. In your answer you must include the control of both cabin pressure and temperature and also the following: i. Sensors. ii. Duct stats (temperature probes). iii. Motorised valves the environmental control system is all controlled from the cockpit. The crew has a pneumatic panel that enables them turn the bleed air on or off, and select the pneumatic air to be fed into the left or right wing anti ice systems. This is because the system requires pneumatic air to function. The panel also has an alert panel, so that the crew can see if the air is being dual bled, whether the ram air doors are closed, or if anything in the system is overheating. The environmental control system at cruise altitude should have a pressure of about 9 psi, and the temperature should be between 15-25Â °C. The system needs to be constantly monitored and controlled from the cockpit. The crew can set the air-conditioning panel to auto or manual. The pneumatic system that is used to pressurise the airframe is always controlled automatically using sensors and motorised valves, allowing the correct volume of air inside the cabin, preventing depressurisation. i. Sensors- sensors are used in the ECS to establish the flowe rate of the air that runs through the system. This is so that the correct flow and pressure of air gets into the consumer systems. There are also sensors that detect excessive temperatures in the system. This reacts to the temperature and uses the ram air to enable cooling or shuts down the system to regain a moderate temperature. ii. Duct stats (temperature probes)- the duct temperature probes measure the statistics of the ducts, they send the temperature data from the duct that supplies air to the cabin and the cockpit air distribution system. There are usually three probes that are in the system. There is normally one that is in cabin conditioned air duct upstream of the left hand pressure penetration. The next probe is in the cockpit contisioned air duct on the right hand side pressure penetration. The last probe is upstream the moisture separator iii. Motorised valves- the environmental control system and other pneumatically run systems use different types of motorised valves controlling the flow of air. In the ECS there is usually three temperature control valves. These valves are butterfly valves , they regulate the flow of hot air to be mixed with cold air from the ECU. The other type of motorised valve are used to discharge air out of the rear cabin. These valves are used to keep the correct cabin pressure . the outflow valves are operated during normal operation using a DC motor. in an emergency operation, the valves run on AC motors as the valves will need to open and close quickly.

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If it was me, Mr. President, I’d Get a Grammar Lesson.

If it was me, Mr. President, I’d Get a Grammar Lesson. I have been thinking for some time that I would like to write a blog on the subjunctive.   One of my blog followers, an astute man named Gabe, was kind enough to give me fodder for bringing this topic to the top of my list. For the second time in The Essay Expert’s blogging history, I turn to President Obama’s grammar bloopers.   The first was his incorrect use of â€Å"tenant† when he meant â€Å"tenet† in his speech following the Tucson shootings (The President Makes Grammatical Errors Too!). This week I’m pointing to Obama’s statement about the texting transgressions of Congressman Weiner. Obamas Grammatical Error Said the President, according to many news sources, â€Å"If it was me, I’d resign.† I won’t spend a lot of time explaining that a more proper structure of this sentence would have been, â€Å"If it were me, I’d resign.†Ã‚   Put simply, this is a conditional statement, speaking about an event that is not sure to happen and that did not definitively happen.   Any time you see the word â€Å"if† in a sentence, watch out for the subjunctive.   The correct verb form is most likely â€Å"were.† A good explanation of the subjunctive can be found on I also won’t spend a lot of time harping on the fact that the President used the incorrect form of the pronoun â€Å"me.† The truly correct phrasing would have been, â€Å"If it were I, I would resign.† Note that â€Å"I† is a subject pronoun.   But who really talks like that? Meet The Press:   To Quote or Not to Quote? What interests me most is the way the press handled the situation.   You might remember that when the President said â€Å"tenant† instead of â€Å"tenet† in his Tucson shooting speech, the transcription of his speech corrected his error.   In the Weiner situation the press went to bat for Obama again but not universally.   Ive created a snapshot of press coverage of the issue below. [Challenge to reader:   How many double entendres can you find in the body of this article? If you find one, report it in the comments!] The New York Times Michael Barbaro of The New York Times covered up (or worked around) the President’s grammatical errors as follows in his article, Obama Suggests Weiner Should Resign: President Obama told NBC News that if he were in Representative Anthony D. Weiner’s position, â€Å"I would resign,† according to a senior network executive. Fox In contrast, Fox quoted Obama word for word in their article, Obama Says He Would Resign in Weiners Position: I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign, Obama told Ann Curry in an interview scheduled to air Tuesday on NBCs Today. How many times do you think that one got tweeted? Youtube/, in the midst of making references to porn star names, fixed the subjunctive issue on its youtube video report, but did not touch the improper pronoun: Now the President is saying, â€Å"I can tell you that if it were me I’d resign†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Maybe these folks need a grammar lesson too. Pundit Press Pundit Press left the error waving in the wind, both in the title and body of its article: Title: PRESIDENT OBAMA: If it was me, I would resign. Body: Obama did not call for the resignation of Anthony Weiner, but did say,  I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign. CNN Finally, CNN’s article by Ashley Killough maintains picture perfect grammatical integrity in its headline, Obama On Weiner:   ‘I Would Resign’, but exposes Obama’s actual wording in the text: (CNN) President Barack Obama told NBCs Ann Curry in an interview to air on Tuesdays Today, that if he were in Rep. Anthony Weiners shoes, he would leave Congress. I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign, Obama said. Grammatically correct or not, Obama’s opinion surely had an impact.   Weiner has stepped down, probably due to the uncovering of his lies more than anything else. If you were a reporter, how would you have handled Obama’s grammatical error?   And why did Clinton survive his sex scandal, whereas Weiner was trampled?   The Christian Science Monitor has shed some light on this question in its article, Why Democrats turned on Anthony Weiner, but not Bill Clinton. I suppose we can all be comforted that no one (even The Essay Expert) will push for politicians to step down due to grammatical transgressions. Category:Grammar Writing TipsBy Brenda BernsteinJune 20, 2011 7 Comments Penelope J. says: June 22, 2011 at 3:05 pm Agree with the above comments. Also, Obamas use of the English language is generally correct except for the occasional slip such as this one unlike his predecessor, famous for his grammatical bloopers. For me, its a big relief to have a president who can speak and pronounce (think nucular) English correctly even though Obamas dependence on the er is annoying. Log in to Reply The Essay Expert says: June 22, 2011 at 6:25 pm Penelope, I couldnt agree more! Log in to Reply The Essay Expert says: June 22, 2011 at 6:23 pm Thanks for your insight Eric. I wonder if Were it me or Were I to would sound stilted. I approve of grammatical errors when necessary to sound conversational. Even If it were I would have sounded a bit high and mighty. Log in to Reply The Essay Expert says: June 22, 2011 at 6:24 pm Rita, I agree completely! And it scares me how many educated people do not know the rules of how to start a sentence with a pronoun or pronouns. I do my best to educate when I can! Log in to Reply The Essay Expert says: June 22, 2011 at 6:25 pm The Wizard of Oz the answer to all our grammatical troubles!! Love it. Log in to Reply Jarom says: June 23, 2011 at 11:05 am That was an enjoyable post Brenda. 🙂 Log in to Reply The Essay Expert says: June 23, 2011 at 11:32 am Thanks Jarom! Log in to Reply

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Outback Steak house Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Outback Steak house - Essay Example An effective employee selection method helps achieve a competitive advantage for organizations in terms of accepting only those applicants that are deemed fit, qualified and competent to perform identified responsibilities. As indicated, Outback Steakhouse further assess successful applicants though a series of tests that gauge their cognitive ability, personality and judgement (Author, date, p. 234). These tests are known as psychological testing instruments which are designed to effectively â€Å"predict job skills acquisition and job performance† (Schieltz, 2011, p. par. 5). According to Schieltz (2011), â€Å"the idea of competitive advantage essentially underlies the use of psychological tests to select employees. To achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace, organizations and businesses need qualified employees with personalities, skills and talents that best fit the organization and its culture. To hire these types of individuals, a company must have a set o f procedures at its disposal that can accurately identify the characteristics of an individual who can ultimately contribute to the success of the organization† (Schieltz, 2011, p. par. 3). As rationalized, organizations who have successfully selected the right human resources who are perfectly fit for the responsibilities, perform better and deliver accurate results which increase the competitive advantage of the organization. The importance of fit to Outback Steakhouse is crucial since they structurally sift the potentially good applicants from a number of recruits and get the best among the screened applicants depending on the Dimensions of Performance, the responsibilities and the organization’s culture. Only those applicants who perfectly fit the qualifications with the standards are accepted to ensure that low employee turnover would be achieved. A perfect fit would ensure that human resources are utilized to the fullest